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Renovation versus Remodeling

Renovation versus Remodeling is a constant question for home owners. Renovation involves repairing or improving an existing part of your home. Whereas remodeling involves altering the structure of the facility.

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Remodeling will involve changing the plumbing, walls, and so on. Remodeling is definitely expensive than renovating due to the major changes involved.

According to the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com), here are the costs versus value in our region.


Source: Cost Vs. Value - Remodeling

According to the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com), here are the costs vs value in our region for upscale projects.


Source: Cost Vs. Value - Upscale Projects

Renovation or Remodeling Tips

Estimations and budgeting your renovation or remodeling project is crucial. Check the licence and reviews of the contractor before hiring one. Ask for a catalog or examples of their work on Houzz. Check with your home insurance if the project is covered. Coordinate with the contractor on the paper work to get the money from the insurance. It is suggested to discuss the project in detail and determine the colors and models before the project starts. Any change in the middle would eventually delay the project and cost you more. Keep some buffer in terms of budget as the cost may increase as you add more upgrades. Also, staying away from the property while the major work is in progress is a good idea for the safety of your family and the workers.

Remodeling is a good idea if the project is going to solve your problem. But, if the building is falling apart and the rest of the structure cannot withstand the changes, then it is a waste of money. You might consider remodeling or rebuilding it.



Renovation will make your home look like new again. Renovation definitely will improve the resale value of your home and avoid further damage to the property. Renovation is a good decision if you kept the repairs pending for a long time and the obvious signs of degradation are showing up. Home owners can choose to renovate the facilities if they are further planning to invest or use the facility. Painting, carpets, basement, roof, siding, and so on which are highly susceptible to damage must be renovated every five to ten years.

Here are some of the examples of renovation:



Remodeling will alter the structure and use of space. Home remodeling is common when you buy a home and want to update the kitchen appliances and flooring. Remodeling homes is also planned when family size is increasing and a new bed room or bath room is needed. Remodeling before selling a house is not a good idea as it may or may not recoup the cost. Remodeling may involve seeking permissions from the city and home owner association.

Here are some of the examples of remodeling:

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Group is the leading dream renovators in the MidWest. They undertake historical renovations, commercial facility remodeling, kitchen remodel, bath remodel, basement renovation, garage roofs, and so on. Olde Town Group has professional renovating experience and can accommodate your requirements. Olde Town Group also offers painting, siding, carpets, gutters, windows, drywall, lighting, and so on. You can contact Olde Town Group for all your diverse requirements and projects. The range of services offered by Olde Town Group makes them the dream renovators in the area.

Roof Renovation2

Olde Town Group has headquarters in Moline, Illinois and has branches in Des Moines, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Bloomington, Sterling, and so on. They operate around 200 miles of Quad Cities. Olde Town Group partners with CertainTeed products, Tyvek house wrap, IKO roofing, James Hardie siding, and Andersen windows for quality products and accepts most insurance policies. Olde Town Group offers better rates than your bank and free financing is available. They undertake all kinds of projects and accept credit card payments as well.

Olde Town Group is known for their historical renovations such as the Lambrite-Iles-Petersen house and Wilson house. The structures of these buildings are more than 150 years old. All modifications are performed without disturbing the original architecture of the historic buildings. The Wilson house needs updated brickwork, kitchen, flooring, and complete restoration. Your dream renovations can be accomplished with top quality products and services by contracting with the Olde Town Group.

Wilson House Moline
Wilson House Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Group is a IKO Shield Pro Plus roofing contractor from IKO roofing. They are also a SELECT Shingle Master from CertainTeed. Olde Town Group has a A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB). Olde Town Group is the most trusted roofing contractor in the area. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information. Renovation or remodeling projects are accepted and ask for free estimates.